About the Book​

Mirror Influence is a poetry book reflecting self transformation and the process of healing.  These journal entries are emotionally written translations of what we were feeling at a point in time.  We hope to give you another viewpoint from which you observe life.    This book explores the synchronizations of your dreams and the different aspects of your personal growth.  It also gives you a divine understanding on experiences, epiphanies & premonitions.  With God as the cornerstone, we take you on a journey inward that leads you to your individual self discovery.  This book is divided into four sections that have been themes of our writing:

Provoking Thought

Real Moments Lead to Forgiveness

Carry the Message


Love Heals All.

 God...Love...Death...Struggles...Life...& Gratitude are all explored throughout these pages.  The vulnerability & trying times expressed in this book created a freedom for us and we hope it does the same for you. 

When you continually choose to surrender in all your experiences ...life is simple.  Life is about the connections we make in a world where we wear masks to protect ourselves.  Rarely are we seen for who we truly are.  Rarely do we let our shields down and expose our authenticity.  From these experiences,  we've learned the hearts tendency to close when it's confronted with difficult moments of truth.   We together have been given a gift to experience a connection and friendship like the one we have.  The trials and difficulties that inspired us individually to write provided an opportunity for a synergistic relationship.  Surrendering to being vulnerable with one another has allowed the heart to trust in the process of reopening .  A sacred space created by our connection exposed us to a Universal reflection known as a "Mirror Influence."

Tempesst Arens & Melanie Yates

Melanie is a photographer who enjoys being a creative in all areas of her life. She enjoys accessing self-expression and spirituality through the captivation of art, writing and development training's such as "Gratitude Training". In her personal time Melanie immerses herself in personal projects that inspire her as well as motivate and encourage others to access their fullest potential. She enjoys spontaneity and looks for constant adventure and wanderlust. Melanie has always enjoyed being of maximum service.  ith non-profits that push her to constantly evolve spiritually and mentally.

Tempesst is a lover of the arts and spiritual development. Her personal work other then writing include abstract painting and mixed media works. She is also a yogi and a student of life. While in Florida she founded "Mind of a Poet" a poetry slam that brought together writers and spoken word artists. She enjoys being a part of communities that come together to inspire one another.

Melanie and Tempesst met on a sunny afternoon in Florida divinely guided by a chance encounter. They both believe they were brought together for a greater purpose. Over the last 6 years they have learned a lot about friendship and grown continually through their experiences. They continue to be each other's "mirror" and guide each other through the "journey of life."

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