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The Journals of Mirror Influence

An ongoing series of informational entries

The Opening Introduction:  "How We Met"

October 25, 2017 

Hi Everyone!

For any new followers, this is Tempesst Arens and Melanie Yates. Firstly, thank you so much for liking our page, posts and pictures! As nerve-racking as it is to be vulnerable, we are so thrilled to share with you; our thoughts that turned into words, to form these sentences. This is our first blog. We hope you enjoy it.

"The Opening Introduction; How We Met"

Melanie is from Batavia, a suburb outside of Chicago. She was raised in Orland Park. Tempesst is from a small town in Iowa. She was born and raised in Sioux City. In 2012 life's circumstances had brought them both to Florida. This is where they met for the first time.

Isn't it interesting how life choices and chance encounters can alter your destiny? How one moment can take your existence on a journey that you couldn't have ever fathomed.

Tempesst and Melanie met on a sunny afternoon in Boca Raton. Melanie was sitting on the balcony of a building where they both resided.Tempesst happened to be walking by. Seeing as they are both friendly people, they started a conversation and fate took over. They don't remember how but the conversation turned to meditation when Tempesst asked Melanie "Have you ever meditated before?" They continued to see each other around and quickly discovered they had some friends in common. Then, being guided by another wink from God, they became roommates for the next 5 years. During this time they became each other's teacher, mirror and spiritual confidant. Learning and growing, side by side, they were able to individually expand through their friendship. They continue to catch and plant seeds in each other's lives and in others.

When you are able to be authentic and open, the transparency becomes a mirror. By acknowledging and accepting one another, you can influence one another's greater good.

You never know what any given, passing moment could turn into. You cannot possibly even begin to comprehend in your mind the mystery of the unknown that comes from one stranger you meet. The importance in the pause that the present moment offers from seeing & feeling it for what it truly is. This existence will take you forth on your journey in a inexpressible way.

Thank you for your taking the time to read our words this morning. We look forward to connecting with you and embarking on this journey together!



Mirror Influence:  "About the Book"

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween Everyone !

We are so excited to connect with you! We couldn't wait for tomorrow to post.....We'll let it speak for itself. We hope to inspire you to share your thoughts and comments !



"Mirror Influence: About the Book"

Mirror Influence is a book about self transformation and the process of healing. These journal entries are emotionally written translations of what we were feeling at a point in time. We hope to give you another viewpoint from which you observe life. This book explores the synchronizations of your dreams along with the different aspects of your personal growth. It also gives you a divine understanding on experiences, epiphanies & premonitions. With God as the cornerstone, we take you on a journey inward that leads you to your individual self discovery. This book is divided into four sections that have been themes of our writing:

Provoking Thought

Real Moments Leave to Forgiveness

Carry the Message


Love Heals All.

God...Love...Romance..Self Love...Sobriety...Death...Struggles...Forgiveness...Life...& Gratitude are all explored throughout these sections. The vulnerability & trying times expressed in this book created a freedom for us and we hope it does the same for you.

When you continually choose to surrender in all your experiences becomes simple. It just is. Life is about the connections we make in a world where we wear masks to protect ourselves. Rarely are we seen for who we truly are. Rarely do we let our shields down and expose our authenticity. Mirror Influence is also about the story of how the power of connection can bring you to accepting a human soul exactly as it's supposed to be seen. From all experiences, we've faced we learned the hearts tendency to close when it's confronted with difficult moments of truth. We together have been given a gift to experience a connection and friendship like the one we have. The trials and difficulties that inspired us individually to write provided an opportunity for a synergistic relationship. Surrendering to being vulnerable with one another has allowed the heart to trust in the process of reopening. A sacred space created by our connection exposed us to a Universal reflection which we define as a "Mirror Influence."

Tempesst & Melanie have explored many of life's moments where they have strengthened each other. Working together has always come easy. As they experienced the ebb & flows of life they were able to encourage and support one another's individual growth. They realized the importance of balance: Ying-Yang. Living together built the foundation of having a friend that you can partner with, side by side through life. The idea of working together or doing a project was always in God's plan for their friendship. They knew the purpose of their meeting was more than something they could understand, but they trusted God's plan. As they were packing to move out of Florida they had a conversation about all the journals they had individually collected with writings from the past five years. The idea to turn the writings into a book came on a sunny afternoon. It was a busy day and in a random moment a life changing conversation was provoked. While Mel was at the gas station and Tempesst was at the Ganesha garden their conversation was divinely guided to create a book. Within the next few months, their Sunshine Era lead them to the Windy City. They spent the next several months gathering journal entries, researching and staying up until 9am in the creative flow they named "Think Tank". Putting one foot in front of the other they were being guided through the unfolding of this journey. One connection led to another and they met Amanda who would become their book coach, editor, and mentor. This process was not something they were able to control, plan or do themselves. The power of God's will shaped this book.. They just listened to their intuition; their guidance.

Cheers to a new beginning!



"Live in Thankfulness"

November 6, 2017

Hi Everyone!

To top of your Monday please enjoy this blog!

"Live in Thankfulness"

Every morning when you wake up you have a choice. YOU have the decision to wake up and feel thankful. There are many ways to do this. How you choose to experience gratitude is up to you. What feels natural to one person may feel forced to another. If you are human and reading this consider the following; Did you eat today? Is your tummy full? Did you wake up in a bed today? Do you have a roof over your head? Did you get to experience interaction with another person today? Loving presence is so powerful. Don't take these simple life pleasures for granted. Sometimes as humans we forget and lose sight of just how blessed we are, simply by having what we need to survive. Sometimes it's easy to focus on what we don't have. If we take a moment and step outside of ourselves we can quickly realize life could be worse. For example, there are people who are sleeping on the streets in 30 degree weather with a cardboard box covering them as their blanket. There are people dying from starvation and dehydration because there isn't enough clean water to keep their bodies healthy.

At times we get lost in our wants, desires and expectations. But when we pause and really take a moment to go within we will BE in gratitude. There are many ways to do this. Some ways we've heard about, read about and personally applied to our lives are: gratitude lists- making a list of all the things you can think of that your grateful for. Counting your blessings- before you go to sleep- thinking about all of the great things that have happened throughout the day. Talking about gratitude- starting a conversation with someone about gratitude. With these exercises we've learned that it's not just about vocalizing your grateful. It's about whole heartily feeling the appreciation of this precious life.

We are thankful for many things in our own life. This process has been something we work daily in achieving. It's not every morning we wake up and automatically feel this way. It is practice and just like when working a muscle, you can use it to shape and train your mind to experience an embraced life. This is a powerful tool we can choose to strengthen with practice. When in this way of life abundance is obtained.

We can't receive if we don't give. When writing this blog we realized we wouldn't be able to do any of this without the love and support of God and our family and friends . We want to say thank you to you all as well. For whoever is reading this is meant to. We are beyond grateful for you.

And like the author Elizabeth Gilbert said, "In the end, though, maybe we must all give up trying to pay back the people in this world who sustained our lives. In the end, maybe it is wiser to surrender before the miraculous scope of human generosity and to just keep saying thank you, forever and sincerely for as long as we have voices."



Happy New Year!!  "Dreamt into Existence:  Today is the Day!"

December 29, 2017

Happy New Year, Everyone! :)

Dreamt into Existence: Today is the Day

As 2018 sneaks up, deep reflection and gratitude are ever so present. This year has been a defining year in our lives to say the least. Looking back at the last 12 months feels like a whirlwind. Moving to a new city, publishing a book and making some life altering decisions have, in conclusion, left us feeling like we can do just about anything we set the mind to. Have you ever had a moment present itself where you feel like all your "dots" have connected and the veil gets lifted from your eyes?

This experience has presented itself to us in this way, revealing answers to unanswered lessons or thoughts. Along the journey of publishing Mirror Influence, we have both individually and together been able to heal and grow in ways that we weren't aware we needed to. This year has shown us just how strong and persistent we are. Influential messages have presented themselves throughout this process and we choose to embrace them. It has been filled with rejection, or moments of tears and challenges but, we've choose to step into them instead of turn away like our human minds guide us to. We hope this will inspire others to do the same.

In the most humble way we individually acknowledge the growth and give thanks knowing it was not by either one of our doings. We have just accepted the gift that was handed to us knowing that this gift was meant to be shared. We both could not be more excited and proud to be celebrating the New Year by launching our book, Mirror Influence! The timeline of the launch landing on the New Year was just by chance. But, it could not be more aligned with the vision and mission that this book represents. It feels surreal and we truly don't think we can wrap our mind's around it quite yet. To be an author has felt like a pipe dream until this year. To be honest, we don't think we'll ever really view ourselves as "authors". We're just free spirit women that would love to be a part of making a difference in this world. That has always been our inner voice and pull. We stand for a world with vulnerable, free expression with hearts devoted to love and one another. We are thankful for all of the love and support that has been ever so present this year.

Our plans for the New Year are to take this book and connect with as many people as we possibly can. We would love to do speaking engagements at Non- Profits, Organizations & Treatment Centers. We are looking to open up people's hearts and help them as they explore their path and journey in this world. We want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year. Remember, it's never to late to follow through with a "New Year's Resolution." Chase your dreams. Seek them. Be them. It's worth it.



"Next Steps: Pay it Forward"

January 23, 2018

Hi Everyone!

—Next Steps: Pay it Forward—

Happy Tuesday! We hope that everyone is getting settled into their New Year with an abundance of inspiration!! We’re beyond excited to share our next steps with you! In welcoming 2018 and recently publishing our book, Mirror Influence; we have reflected on our journey thus far and have re-focused our intentions. Throughout this journey of writing and publishing Mirror Influence, our next steps have always presented themselves clearly for us, at the perfect moment, in the perfect way. We know that our book is a strong platform to serve our greater calling. Upon reflection, concepts have presented themselves to us to serve our purpose in giving back to our community.

For those of you new to our page, we are two young women who have come together to carry out a mission of helping others heal. One of the main matters we discuss in our book, Mirror Influence is addiction. The topic of addiction is very close and personal to us. We have both struggled with addiction and depression in varying forms. When we met in South Florida in 2011 we were both living a new life of recovery. We did not know how, but we knew that through our friendship and our chosen way of life we would impact the world of addiction. We knew there was a greater plan for our lives and our experiences. We spent 5 years in South Florida studying addiction and recovery. We knew our lives depended on it. Our friendship became a dynamic collaboration built on authenticity and service to others.

Our mission is to help people access their creative and resourceful inner voices and inner truths so they can transform their lives and step into a happier and healthier existence. 

Our story is one of hope. It is an example of how the challenges in life can be used for greater good. It is about finding purpose in the darkness.

We now would like to use our book as a vehicle to open up discussions about healthy ways of coping with trauma and difficult life changing circumstances. We believe these things make us who we are. We now get to inspire others through our writings and our words. We do this through creative writing. Creative writing can allow addicts to address their emotional issues in a way they feel safe and uninhibited. It has been our personal experience that those in recovery may still be emotionally raw after drastic changes in their lives have led them to recovery. We understand this.

Your probably wondering ok so what is your guys’ next steps. We’re so excited to give you a little sneak peek into our plan! We have come up with a Creative Healing Module workshop that we’re offering to treatment centers and facilities. CHM is an experiential learning program that consists of 25% lecture/reading, 25% sharing/discussion and 50% experiential exercises such as dyads, meditative movement and free flow writing. Our goal within this workshop is to help individuals discover the power of their inner voice and inner truth to process past experiences, build present moment awareness and self-esteem, support healthy, sustained recovery through creative expression.

Isn’t this so exciting?! We hope you continue to stay tuned. Oh, and one last thought for you to reflect on…. creative imagination will create and inspire intuitive thoughts. This helps us refocus into our intention. With this, everything is possible! We’re able to step into limitless actions to serve ourselves in the healthiest ways possible!

Time to take on life…creative juices flowing!



"Happy Valentine's Day"

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's L*O*V*E day! What an excuse to sprinkle adoration on all your loved one's today and most importantly YOURSELF. Show yourself appreciation; the appreciation you so kindly show others.

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? What are some of your first memories of Valentine's Day?

Society puts pressure on the importance of being in a relationship or the importance of "the perfect Valentine's Day". Days like today can make some people feel inferior or alone. The truth is, love effects us all, always; not just today. However you spend today, enjoy it! No matter what, make sure to show yourself the love, gentleness and warmth you deserve. Love is as important as oxygen; it keeps us alive and breathing.

To celebrate Valentine's Day we wanted to share with you a few of our poems from the chapter "Love Heals All" in our debut book, Mirror Influence. We're sending love to each and every one of you!!

--Coming from the heart. It has to be split into two conversations:




"I've become curious...

I always act from the heart, but words have always been hard for

me, so

in the practice (for myself) of coming from the heart and beginning

to open my heart




I want to practice voicing it.

The reaction has been mixed.

I love when people say it back: friends, family, neighbors, strangers


when they don't

it no longer hurts.

I understand the law of cause and effect."


A lie not to listen

Words we say fall through the cracks

The feeling of healing

I don't need someone to hold

my hand



in that, I've been thinking of past Valentine's Days,

past loves.

I tell myself away.

For it's a lie not to listen."

"This moment, this feeling.

I know you feel it.

I dont't have to ask, explain, or even hear.

I know.

Because deeper, deeper, deeper you go.

Will we ever express this?

Or will it be a mystery?



The deepest I'll ever go.

Shine into me. Imprint.

Silent connection.

No need for words.

How could that be?

You understand,

I understand.

No need.

Deeper, deeper, deeper you go.

Soul healing, forgiving.



Yes, love.

Deeper, deeper, deepr you go.

Deeper than deep.

My heart,

it beats.




My chest, filled up.

The pressure is you.

If I never experience this again, that's okay.

I got to."


Make America Beautiful Again: We Are The Change: "March For Our Lives"

March 27, 2018

Make America Beautiful Again

We Are The Change: "March For Our Lives"

In the bigger picture of life it's hard to feel that you're vital enough to make a change that will make an endless difference in this world. The month of April is known as "Keep America Beautiful Month". Every April, individuals, businesses, government agencies and schools unite in America to prevent litter, reduce waste, encourage recycling and beautify their communities. The non-profit organization, Keep America Beautiful, which was founded in 1953 with the support concerned individuals and several major corporations. This month we as the people are in serious reflection on How to Keep America Beautiful, dealing with the topic of gun violence. Picking up the cause these high school students are so dynamically offering us today is one way of doing this.

We're all aware of the atrocious events that have been happening in the United States over the last few months circling around gun violence and the gun laws. At the same time, we're all aware of the unity it's created in our people. It is only the third month of 2018, and there have already been 17 school shootings where someone was hurt or killed. Many media outlets have coined this last one, happening in Parkland, Florida, as the tipping point for gun control legislation. The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School which occurred on February 14, 2018 killing 17 innocent lives, began a movement that will affect our History. The massacre drove the courageous, surviving students to launch a movement in hopes to bring light into our government on the seriousness of gun violence. Student organizers planned the march in association with the nonprofit organization; Everytown for Gun Safety. One of the most telling statements; “This is not a moment, this is a movement!” The determination and fight for our people created The "March for Our Lives" which occurred last Saturday, March 24, 2018. All over the country all persons of different races, backgrounds and beliefs gathered for this movement. They gathered in support of the students nationwide as they marched to demand sensible gun reform legislation. It has become official that "March For Our Lives" has been one of the biggest youth protests since the Vietnam War. It has been recorded that at least 1.2 million people marched for gun control over the weekend at events across the country possibly making it the biggest protest in the history of America. This count is still preliminary but researches estimated that there were more than 450 marches in the US over the weekend with the biggest one being in Washington, DC.

It is so common in our country to keep hush and silent with opinions that might shed light on the horrific events occurring. We're constantly battling the image of perfection and moral accuracy. Missing from these conversations are awareness on the simple fact that gun violence has created terrorism in our country. Children should not be scared for their life when going to school. The fact that they are is unacceptable. It has been taught to us that it's easier to sit in the comfort of the laws instead of standing up  for our country one by one, fighting for a change. In that ignorance we’re choosing to act blind to issues that need to addressed. They are impacting our present and future generations. These tragedies are putting our country in danger and harm. We're told to believe that in positivism we should stay "serene and silent", meaning non-confrontational. Well I call bullshit on this. Baby steps will not suffice. The bravery and fearlessness in these young children is inspiring mankind to speak up for their beliefs, knowing our voice will make a difference. This is creating unity where there was terror and fear. This is the generation who will show us the way and help us to really make a difference in the way our government works. We are witnessing history as the youth today. These students are provoking discussion and demanding an overdue change! THIS IS CALLED COURAGE!!! How are you personally contributing to movements like this? Do you believe you can truly be a part of the change? No matter how small we feel in this world, our action creates the butterfly effect.

Malcom X said, "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." What do you stand for?

10 of the Largest Historic Protests in the United States: U.S News

1) March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom: Aug. 28, 1963: Approximately 250,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington to highlight the political and social challenges facing the African-American community.

2) Moratorium March Against the Vietnam War: Nov, 16, 1969: Approximately 500,000 people marched on Washington in protest of U.S involvement in the Vietnam.

3) Solidarity Day March on Washington: Sept. 19, 1981, Approximately 250,00 people marched in Washington in protest of then- President Ronald Reagan's budget cuts and tax policies.

4) Anti-Nuclear Weapon March in New York City: June 12, 1982: Nearly 1 million people filled Central Park and Manhattan in New York in opposition of nuclear weapons.

5) March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay rights: Oct, 11, 1987: Around 200,000 people marched by the White house as a call for more federal money for AIDS research and treatment.

6) March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation: April 25, 1993: An estimate of 300,000 to just over 1 million people marched for an end of discrimination against the LGBT community.

7) The Million Man March: Oct.16, 1995: This event was considered "A Holy Day of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility" intended to help bring the black community together.

8) The Million Women March: Oct. 25, 1977: From 55,000 to 2.1 million gathered in Philadelphia to draw attention to issues facing women in the black community.

9) Protest Against the Iraq War: Feb. 15-16, 2003: Millions of people globally protested ahead of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March of 2003.

10) The March for Women's Lives: Apr. 25, 2004: More then one million abortion rights supporters gathered to protest the conservative policies of President George W. Bush's administration.


"Full Circle"

May 22, 2018

After a few weeks of reflection we're ready to share our Florida experience with you.  For those of you who don't know, we were able to journey back to where our writings were born.  After five years of living and writing in Florida, being back there brought us full circle.

We spent time with the people that became our community and revisited the places that inspired our writings, thoughts and experiences. With all these, Mirror Influence was created.  It was intended by us that our entries were never going to be shared or read.  Being in Florida showed us  that we had to let go of that idea.  As always, we  know we are being divinely guided.  It is time to share our words with those ears and hearts that need them.  It is out of our control  of how and who it will impact.  However, at this moment we know we are now ready to share our words selflessly .  Only by truly taking ourselves out of the outcome, this can happen.  We are ready to let go of the lessons that the Sunshine Era chapter taught us, but remain in the truth of them. It is time to step out of the time capsule and into our here and now.   Only could this epiphany be brought to light by going back to where it all started, to the beginning. This "Era" has influenced the women we stand here today as, forever and beyond  It is known as the chapter that rooted our everlasting friendship and shun truth on our heart's true nature.  We walk out the other side as women who were graced enough to be lifted from their struggles and hardships.  We are now ready to truly help another with this truth, fully letting go of our own experiences and lessons.

Being back  in Florida reminded us just how important being part of a community  really is.  Our intention is to connect with other Chicago authors, writers and poets.  Our goal is to create a network and support system that we had and cherished while living in Florida. We're forever grateful and ready to move forward into our new Era.  This will always be the origin of Mirror Influence.  

Our souls will always lay in the Ocean with our toes imprinted in the sand as the sun warms our smiles.

So to our new chapter;  we are ready to embrace you fully.  Let this be for our readers; for you.


"Waves of Inspiration"

October 10, 2018

Having taken some time to honor the creative process and reflect inward over the past few months, sitting down to write again feels like yet another wave of inspiration. This, in and of itself, feels like a theme that continues to be presented. For the past 12 months we met every Tuesday to commit time to our “think tank”. This was on top of working, volunteering and managing our lives. We spent the last 12 months working endlessly. Needless to say, We took the summer to focus on ourselves. We didn’t meet up every week to discuss plans and objectives of the book, we met up to explore Chicago together, go to the museum, have coffee and just make memories. We took time off to enjoy where we were at not only in the journey of creating a book but, also where we were at in our lives. No matter what you plan, life always shows up.

It has been one year since we published our book, looking back, we sacrificed a lot to make our dream become a reality. At times, we even sacrificed our friendship or our own personal well-being. With taking time off and focusing on self-care, friendship, and having fun we realized the importance of balance. This book and dream is a passion and has always been divinely guided for us. During this time we really had the opportunity to comprehend that we wrote a book. We did that! We are both the type of people who had difficulty acknowledging what we accomplished. We like to keep our lives private and we both like not making a big deal out of achievements. Taking a step back we were able to gain a refreshing insight. How fun!

Having a vision and having passion does not necessarily require neglecting everything else that is important in your life. This process has taught us many things. One thing that we have been discussing lately is the need for open communication. Working as a team is taking two individual minds, opinions, goals and paths and merging them into one. We have had to be honest with exactly where we are at any given moment. At times we individually felt guilty, resentful, uninspired and stressed. We had to force ourselves at times to get real. In doing that we discovered how purposeful life can be. Trusting in the process has changed our goals and pivoted our expectations of not only the book but also of each other. It has not always been what we thought or fantasized. With that being said, when waves of inspiration come up and fall into place, we are grounded in that. Per usual, timing is proving to be everything. The opportunity will always present itself and the more you trust it, the more it shows up. It can show up anywhere! Before we took time off, we decided that after the summer we would reevaluate our ideas for the book. Staying open and present we were shown exactly the next step. One year after we published our book, in an Uber ride, flowing conversation resulted in an opportunity to be interviewed on a radio show that features varying artists. We took that as a sign from the universe that it’s time.

Join us on 88.3FM at 4:30PM on Thursday, October 2018 for our first radio appearance!  We are so excited!

We are ready for whatever is to come, standing where we are. Collaborating, inspiring, having fun and being a part of the healing and expansion of another.


"One Year Later"

November 6, 2018

As the vibrant leaves fall to the ground, we are reminded of all that Autumn has to offer. It's a time of new, as the seasons change, literally and figuratively. With Thanksgiving and the New Year approaching, we're grounded in the sense of thought. A synchronized contemplation of what we're grateful for. 

Fun fact! This time last year Mirror Influence was in the works of being published. Last Thanksgiving, we were launching our website and working on the interior design of the book. Fast forward a year later and our dream has evolved. It wasn't always easy. It was always convenient. Looking at the past year, it was hard work. But, we just kept taking the next step. Sometimes, not even knowing what would transpire. From the very beginning we made a commitment to this dream. No matter what challenges, rejections, doubts and failures. And here we are!

We recently had the pleasure of  experiencing our first ever radio talk! How cool is that!? The radio show is hosted by an awesome guy named Eddie Shafer. Check him out at 88.3FM with Wzrd Chicago. Eddie is a DJ host who interviews different artists and shares their creative desires. He graduated from NEIU where he found his voice as a channel. In addition, he is a musician who performs with his band, Meds. We had so much fun speaking with him,  discussing and collaborating through conscious communication. Being as it was our first public interview, we were nervous, and excited, and also not sure of exactly what to expect. (Keep in mind, this entire thing was LIVE!) Eddie was a saint. He was so kind, so charismatic,  so open and he made it flow in a very comfortable way. After the interview, this is something that we were incredibly grateful for. The show with Eddie lasted 45mins. On our way to meet him, we prayed. We prayed for God to speak through us, to use us and our vulnerability. Never did we expect for it to go this well.  If you missed it, check out the link below. You will hear us discussing spirituality, life, struggles, friendship, current social affairs, and much more. 

We are not sure what our next step is, but we hope you take it with us!

Here is the link to the interview:

Here is a link to Wzrd Chicago:



"Cheers! To A New Year"

December 5, 2018

What does it look like to set goals? What does it feel like to meet them? What does getting a publisher mean? How do we get our ideas across? Do we pay? How do we market ourselves? What is a book revision? We need a website?


Time fly's! A year ago when we set out on this journey of "writing a book" we had so many ideas and intentions of what it would be like, what we wanted from it and how we would get there. Let's be real... We had NO CLUE this year would go the way it did! We had some objectives that seemed tangible, we had fantasies (some of which we are still working towards) that were far off and, we had expectations that pushed our individual limits to soar.

Little did we know our goals we initially set were nothing close to what would happen. Here is what actually happened:

We hired a book coach/ publisher

We collaborated and networked with people who guided us

We created and Implemented on social media

We ran successful giveaways

We dealt with rejection... a lot of rejection

We landed features from fellow peers in the industry

We learned marketing strategies

We ran campaigns


We held a book launch party

We sold books and communicated internationally

We held events

We created a business plan

We had our first radio interview

Look at everything we learned and how much we grew over this last year... It's amazing! Even if our main goal of JUST publishing a book was the only thing that was accomplished, we would call this year a huge success! Each goal we set lead us in one way or another to the next step. Having humility along the way allowed acceptance for God's plan. We are sharing these details as inspiration. We are also sharing this in reflection for ourselves. It is incredible what can happen when you really put your mind to something. If you have a goal, if you have an idea that you are passionate about... chase it! Put in the work and stick to it. Our work has pushed us more than we ever knew possible and the discovery it has led to is unimaginable. 

Cheers to our last blog in 2018! We are so excited to see what 2019 adventures await us and Mirror Influence! Happy DREAMING everyone!